Manage your company's information from anywhere

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In one word, Astonishing!

Create, edit and view text documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and all you can think of directly in the Cloud and update your collaborators and clients instantly. Invite others to check your documents directly from the Internet.

Share instantly

Your company's corporate portal

Send big amounts of information instantly using links that direct to your personalized documents exchange portal. Amaze your collaborators with the excellence of your brand image.

Super fast files sending

Send documents to your clients straight away without delays or attachments, show shared content online and without limits.

Cooperate in folders and documents

Access the same content as your collaborators and edit it in real time or help to complete documentation.

Proceed to electronic invoicing

Save up to 0.35€ per invoice by eliminating paper, printing and envelopes

Biggest security

Only trusted addressee and your authorized personnel will be able to access the content.


Management of automatic documents delivery and control of client's access to the documents at all times.


Documents signed digitally are protected from falsification and can't be modified.

Processes optimization

Accelerate and automatize the processes of storage and invoices consulting.


Modern image, solid technology and better brand image.

Social and environmental responsibility

Elimination of paper consumption, printing, envelopes and stamps.

Safer than in any other place

Forget about the security copies

The files that you upload are replicated in real time with maximal security in order to guarantee maximal availability.

There are no alarms that are 100% safe

All your information is professionally protected 24 hours per day, so that nobody except you can access it.

Investments in antivirus, firewalls or servers, why needed?

The security of our software is 18 billions times stronger than of your office.

Did you know that all WiFi networks are very vulnerable?

Guarantees protection against attacks because you don't work in your local network, everything is done in the Cloud and there is no information left in the computers.

At any time in any place

Make photos, create videos and other files, and upload them instantly.

Call or email your clients directly from the application without the need to consult your management software.

Exchange information between the office and the devices and send the documentation in real time.

Total control of your files

Recycle Bin

Avoid losses by always saving a copy in the recycle bin


Manage all changes made to the documents

Search engine

Find any document or folder using advanced filters

Work with ZIP and RAR formats

Open and edit any file with the programs of your computer


Drag files and folders in order to add them


Create folders and documents within seconds


Send information to your contacts easily and efficiently


Files optimized to fast checking and editing


Schedule reminders for files that need to be reviewed

User permissions

Manage all users permissions


Stay informed about everything what is going on in your company

Corporate documents

Create corporate documents to your collaborators