We have the perfect solution

Our application adapts to other storage systems and other software allowing you to manage your files in the most efficient and secure way.

ERP Management and documentation finally integrated in one solution

Our software complements ICGManager offering smart management of the information in Cloud with the purpose to maximise the efficiency of work by joining documents of different work entities together, improving documents management, and eliminating information search between dispersed computer locations or search of documents that maybe we don't have.

Aprovecha la inteligencia de ICGManager para tener accesible y ordenada toda la información que necesita tu equipo de trabajo.

The most compete solution that pleases all the companies.

Access all your content from Tablets and Smartphones from anywhere

OwnPack Mobile es una aplicación que complementa a la versión integrada de OwnPack en ICGManager, FrontRest, FrontRetail y FrontHotel.

Access directly all the saved documents related with your company, clients, suppliers, items, sellers, activities from ICGManager or from other device in real time, call to any contact from ICGManager without the need to consult client's phone number and many more.

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All your documents updated, without duplications and available in Cloud


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